Guidelines Committee

  • Joseph Raffetto. MD, FACS, FSVM - Chair
  • John Blebea, MD, MBA
  • Brajesh Lal, MD
  • Fedor Lurie, MD, PhD
  • Dawn Coleman. MD
  • Marc Passman, MD
  • Jose Diaz, MD
  • Anil Hingorani, MD


Oversee and provide assistance on guidelines and documents originating from within the society and from extramural groups.


  • Make recommendations for new guidelines documents that may be needed in the field
  • Review requests to write new AVF documents;
  • Oversee guidelines and document development:
    • Recommend AVF members to form the writing group;
    • Assist each writing group as required (but not be authors on the document);
    • Regularly monitor the progress of document development against agreed upon timelines;
    • Evaluate the input of the individual members of the writing group and suggest changes as required;
    • With the assistance of AVF members and outside reviewers, review guidelines and other documents for accuracy, scope and appropriateness of content.
  • Review all AVF documents slated for publication;
  • Make recommendations to the Board of Directors on final approval of internal documents; and
  • Make recommendations on the role of the AVF in intersocietal and multidisciplinary documents that do not originate from the AVF.